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crossfit1I have a love hate realationship with CRossFit! As I lay in bed, and the alarm goes off my mind becomes very sharp at decifering why I should just sleep in. I have learned over the last 8 months doing crossfit – that I never regret getting up and going, but I always regret for the most part when I don’t!

This morning was a stuggle to get my fat butt outa bed, and I am so glad I did! Okay and look bleow at what Cricket did! wow. I swear I am gonna make a t-shirt with my cricut machine and wear it into the gym. With a cricket on it. She is badass strong!! Wow.  and yes- errrr…. Those are my hands! real feminine aren’t they? Nope but they are strong.


AMRAP (crossfit talk for “As Many Reps As Possible) in 30 minutes.


My deadlift max is 150lbs, I did 135lbs this morning.

For a total of 86 reps THUS the 11,610 lbs!

I guess my flight to El Paso this morning will seem easy, since I have lift 11,000 pounds before 6am!!


On another note: I need some long socks!!! cause even crossfit can make me shop! and notice how crossfit is leading me to craft? I am making a t-shirt?

My new realization about myself anything can make me shop or craft!!!