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Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am a Colorado native, wife and mother of two. I am the breadwinner for a family of four. I have a corporate gig- that takes up alot of my time and energy- that I love.  But, my dream is to create a home and life full of warmth and style without breaking the bank.  My heart belongs to the Lord, then my DH and two children. I love to design and decorate.  I absolutely love to thrift, craft, paint, create, and (try to) sew.  My passion is finding a way to have the things that I love- but on a budget.  We are  on the Dave Ramsey journey to be debt free (including mortgage) in the next four years.  Follow along as I work to live and create a home and life that is full of creativity and fun. I promise not all of my “creations” or ideas turn out but, I have fun and learn along the way!

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