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The best way to save money is to pay attention.

The magic of doing a monthly budget.

Ever since we began doing our budget on , we are more in tune to how much each of our monthly expenses runs. I can easily see if a bill goes up or down by even a small amount. Certain bills will fluctuate: Water, electric…etc. There are some regular bills that shouldn’t fluctuate and when they do there should be an explanation. So this brings me to this post about paying attention and how it can save you money. A recent example happened this evening.


When scanning over our budget, I had a bill that seemed higher than it should be. Looking over the bill I couldn’t quite understand why it was higher than the previous month.  I took the time to call the 800 number and ask to speak to a customer service person. Politely, I  asked them to walk me through our bill. There was an error in the bill by $30.00 a month.  I asked her “do you see any other area that we may be able to save because you found that error so easily?” She looked over our bill and showed coverage that we had that we didn’t need. It was a savings of $20.00/month!

Well… when you do the math: $30.00 X 12 months = $360.00 and  $20.00 X 12 months =$240.00  for a total savings of $610.00!

The phone call took me 22 minutes. (Wow thats almost $1,800.00 and hour.) LOL.


In all seriousness you can save money by taking the time to pay attention. Even if it is one bill a month it is worth the effort. I promise you. That is money that I would have just continued to pay if I had accepted the bill as a “victim” of “things are so expensive”. Look how much this bill went up ” drama, drama, drama”. Drama does you no good. Taking action does.

  1. Pay attention to your bills and the amounts you are paying each month. “The trend is your friend.”
  2. Understand the breakdown and why you pay what you pay. Don’t just accept that – What you are paying is the best deal you can get.
  3. If you don’t understand Ask. Be polite. Be kind and professional. People by nature love to help. Call and say:” I need your help to understand this”. 9 times out of 10 they will help.
  4. Make a success list, of savings you have identified. Keep a post-it note, list  in your planner, or a note on your phone- however you would like to keep track and after awhile your list will build and you will be surprised at what you can save in a years time.

I keep a list in my Bullet Journal and I love looking at the results after 6 month time period.

If you are working to save money, and get out of debt, read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover! Click on the book below to order.


We followed his plan and got out of debt.( including our mortgage!). You can read our debt free story, on my home page of why we decided to get out of debt for good.

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