How to be more organized when you feel overwhelmed.


I don’t know about you but my mind spins with ideas and thoughts about projects and things I would love to do around the house, and cabin. Ideas I would love to do for gifts.

My problem was keeping track of those projects, in an organized fashion so that when I am out shopping that I remember what supplies to look for.

I get very overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things that I want to do- ideas I see on blogs and on Pinterest. Keeping a list helps keeps the ideas and thoughts straight. It helps your ability to hunt for the best deals. It also gives you a place to write down your ideas as you are inspired.

This picture above is a great example.

I was in a stationary store of all places and I stumbled upon these white letters for a dollar each.

On my list of projects was numbers for the address plate at cabin. These fit perfect. A side benefit is the bright white color- they will be very visible at night. I may have passed them up had I not had looked at my list prior to heading into the store.

Give it a try. Make a written list on your smart phone, on a notebook you keep in your purse or car.

It is very satisfying when you get to cross through projects over time.

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Organizing the Kitchen Utility Drawer…

What is most scary about this drawer is that it really looks like this.  I started to grab a handful of utensils to empty the drawer and I realized I needed a before picture. So maybe the ones that would keep the drawer from opening are a little jumbled.  Otherwise, this is how it looks…


Steps to organize a kitchen drawer:

1. Empty drawer completely. Wipe out drawer with a damp cloth and remove any marks or toaster crumbs (guilty as charged).

2. Sort utensils by purpose, and look for duplicates.

3. Decide on which “duplicate” to keep.  For instance, we had two wine openers.  So I kept the one we use most often.

4. Find some type of drawer organizer.  I am on a “no spend” mode so I found these metal wire baskets in my basement stash.  I got them at a yard sale of course- I can’t remember the price? But they fit perfectly.  My inner yard-sale goddess was cheering for joy!

5. Place items by use back into drawer focusing on keeping things in a place that they can go back to without making the drawer a mess.

I stored utensils that didn’t fit but I wanted to keep that I don’t use as often, in a square tupperware like container under the cabinet under the drawer. So if I need a utensil that is not there then I know where to look next.

Here is the AFTER:

This picture turned out blurry– I am not sure why except that I was in an iPhone picture rush.  Grrrr….. But seriously,  Doesn’t it look so much better?

It was so messy and unorganized, it was so much fun realizing I had tools that I had forgot about. For instance, my God son is a chef  in Seattle and he sent me for my Birthday some really cool cooking “tools” that are chef must have. I was so excited to have them so handy.

My Adorable Godson !


This would be my adorable Godson.

A win- win because  I ended up filling up our local Goodwill donation box with the extras and items that I realized we don’t need or use any longer, that someone may need.

My inner organizing Goddess is singing her nerdy happy song….and dance…I can’t sing so it is fortunate this is not a video.

Is there a drawer that is driving you crazy?


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Before you take a nap on the porch…favorite blog…

One of the things that I love to do is to “surf” my favorite blogs. I sometimes have a hard time winding down at night and I will lay in bed with my iPad and blog surf. I noticed the other night that One blog helped me relax and left me with a warm feeling.  Okay this isn’t “weird” or take place of normal interaction or prayer…just fun. Well, I decided to feature these blogs on my blog when I get that feeling from a blog on more than one occasion.  Why not share?

This is the blog that inspired my series I am calling “Comfort Blogs”.


Between Naps on the Porch by Susan

I wanted to share a wonderful series that one of my first favorite Comfort blogs has–it is called “Movie Homes” . It is by Susan at  Between Naps on the Porch which  is a “Home and Garden Lifestyle” blog where you’ll find inspiration for
~Before and Afters
~DIY Projects
~Home Tours

Click here —Check out Susan’s blog it is a wonderful source of information, but she is so down to earth and great place to stop for a pick me up when you need one!

Make sure that you check out this series called Movie Homes–it is a tour of homes that are in popular movies.  I have to say Father of the  Bride has to be my favorite home.





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The MANCAVE Reveal

It was a long 3 days and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

One of the dilemmas-  I had to find a place (home) for the ‘stuff” that didn’t belong in his garage.  You know my gardening, packaging from things we bought, garage sale items, misc everything.  Well in order to do that I had to clean our 2 car main garage as well.   So I had a place to put things.  Where else but the other garage. Oh you mean my garden stuff doesn’t go in his shop? lol

There was a point during the process that I was scared. Scared I bit off more than I could chew. Like panic scared…

This is where BFFC was so helpful and encouraging. Just when I was about to stop– she would come trotting along with gloves on and a smile and just take over.

She, BFFC, by the way is also a blonde bombshell, funny, heart of gold, woodworking, gardening,  previous college basketball player…yeah I know talk about a talented neighbors….seriously? What is with the adorable college athletes on our block? Can’t a regular gal get a break? LOL


I was driving to get a few things at Home depot- love that place- and I stopped for a drink and my nephew drove by.  (Another nephew, not DNR). yes I know I am blessed with wonderful nieces and nephews that live close by. Austin, DNA, dear nephew Austin.

It gave me an idea. I called him and said…HELP…what college student doesn’t need extra money.  He was wonderful. He came over and helped me organize the main garage. He also planted 4 rose bushes and 3 berry plants.  PLANTS? I thought we were re-doing the garage?  (I know —yes—I actually bought foliage on Thursday morning thinking I would “plant” while I took a break from the garage re-do).  I know I have issues—but  That is for another post and maybe a short therapy session.

Isn’t it just wonderful? He was so surprised and loved loved loved it. He had such a great trip and was so homesick…it was a great surprise to come home to. I made a list of things that we did.

I have to give a shout out to everyone that helped so much. I am going to have a BBQ to thank everyone for all of their help.  I could not have done it without them!

Thanks so much!



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Garage Woodshop turned MANCAVE part 7

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to do this project for my DH.

After many years, he finally found his passion. He loves his family.  He loves to golf.  That being said, His woodworking gives him something different. It not only gives him an escape from the daily grind, like my blogging does, it gives him a sense of pride. It makes me feel so blessed to do something for him that impacts something that he loves so much.

Here is the re do of his entry way.


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Garage Woodshop turned MANCAVE part 6

Where is a guy to sit?

The final night before my DH came home to his new garage converted into a MANCAVE, my neighbor DFK were chatting and she looked down at my husband’s workbench and the finished product.  It was 11 at night and I was celebrating the finished product. She said we have to go…I can’t tell you why – we have to GO.  So if you know DFK, you don’t argue, you just follow. So we jumped in her car and headed over to her “flip”. She flips houses for a living. She is amazing by the way…seriously! Blonde bomb shell, heart of gold, previous pro golfer…seriously GOD…

The previous owners of the house that she bought left this shop chair in the garage. She gave it to me for my DH. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?

A little better than a bucket with a seat cushion on it wouldn’t you say? Thanks DFK.

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Garage Woodshop turned MANCAVE part 5

The building of the MANCAVE continues…the boring part was the cleaning and sorting through junk.

I love the area of Colorado we live in. Such a great sense of community.  I put an entire group of items out on the curb and put free on them. They were gone by morning. Someone’s trash is anothers’ treasure.  I love that!

What is a man cave with out a TV? Here is some more of DNRs handy work. The TV and the amazing outlets! Can’t you tell I heart them?



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Garage Woodshop turned MANCAVE part 4

Lighting and electrical were huge needs to make my husband’s MANCAVE a functional workshop for him.

As I mentioned in a previous post my DNR, dear nephew Ritchie, came over and worked non stop to

  • put in 3 outlets with 4 plugs each,
  • an outlet and cable for the tV,
  • hung the TV, and
  • run electrical for the shop light.
  • hung the holders for the ladder
  • ran the cable from the basement

Okay, my two neighbors, well they truly are more than neighbors they are very good dear friends. DFK and BFFC were absolutely losing their minds over  tool envy.  My nephew is a professional so the tools he had were really awesome.

Here is the before and after of the lighting.  Doesn’t the paint job make all the difference as well? Wow…I was so excited for my DH to see it at this point…I was so happy!!! to surprise him.

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Garage Woodshop turned MANCAVE Part 3

It would have been fun to divide this post by “days”. If you haven’t noticed I have no pictures of myself doing this project. That is a blessing for everyone. OUCH. No shower for 2.5 days—ick.

There was seriously no time.

Well, BFFC and her son Austin built a box in the corner of the garage to hold all of my husbands Aspen tree wood pieces.  She took mdf that my DH had stored in our attic. (who knew? he had wood in the attic). apparently his woodworking BFF Cyndi.

Isn’t it awesome? If you remember the previous picture of wood everywhere this is a total Godsend.  She even made 3 separate compartments for the different sized wood.



Here is a before and after version.

Before and After Bliss

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Garage Wood shop turned MANCAVE Part 2

I had  3 days  to turn my husbands single car garage into a workshop for him.

He left thursday mid day and was coming back Sunday mid day.

I have to give Kudos to a big unsung hero in the project. My husband’s woodworking BFF, Cyndi. We will call her BFFC.  Not only did she let me store the new TV and stand at her and Suzie’s house, but she was there helping the entire time.  I mean the entire time. I am not trying to take anything away from the work my son and daughter and I put into it—I was a crazed woman.  But, when I say she went above and beyond that sounds like so little when you consider:

BFFC did all of this:

  •  brought over her shop vac and used it a lot.
  •  swept and scrubbed.
  •  brought over plastic to cover the workbench and helped me cover it for the painters.
  •  organized the wood
  •  cheered me on when I was about ready to give up
  •  stayed while the painters were here
  •  let my dad in the house so he could watch the painters
  •  lent me tools and misc I needed
  • the most wonderful thing she did besides keep me on track was to build him a compartment for his wood


After removing everything from the garage and sweeping and cleaning. I was so upset by how icky the place looked. I made the very quick decision to have the painters who painted our house come back and paint the garage. It had a nice drywall finish I knew it would look so nice painted. My DFK, dear friend Kris, that I have mentioned before has a wonderful painter that she referred to us for our exterior house paint job.  I called him and he was available in less than a days notice! Can you believe how blessed I am? The good Lord was there with his blessings the entire long 3 days.   These painters are the bomb.  If you live in Denver area and need a painter these are your guys. (email me and I can forward their number).



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