I don’t know about you but my mind spins with ideas and thoughts about projects and things I would love to do around the house, and cabin. Ideas I would love to do for gifts.

My problem was keeping track of those projects, in an organized fashion so that when I am out shopping that I remember what supplies to look for.

I get very overwhelmed by all of the wonderful things that I want to do- ideas I see on blogs and on Pinterest. Keeping a list helps keeps the ideas and thoughts straight. It helps your ability to hunt for the best deals. It also gives you a place to write down your ideas as you are inspired.

This picture above is a great example.

I was in a stationary store of all places and I stumbled upon these white letters for a dollar each.

On my list of projects was numbers for the address plate at cabin. These fit perfect. A side benefit is the bright white color- they will be very visible at night. I may have passed them up had I not had looked at my list prior to heading into the store.

Give it a try. Make a written list on your smart phone, on a notebook you keep in your purse or car.

It is very satisfying when you get to cross through projects over time.