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Okay I love bacon. I know don’t lecture me on nitrates and et al. (I love Whole Foods and tried their healthy bacon- not so much—- it was gross). I want my bacon to taste like bacon. (Sorry guys!) I just love bacon.

Got bacon


When they started making cult following bacon shirts I secretly wanted to wear one. I have been on the hunt for the best way to cook bacon. Let’s face it –it is a losing propsition with grease in the kitchen. Well after many googles and visits to websites I found it on line by Culinary Arts expert Danilo AlFaro. Seems as the trick is to put it in a cold oven, on parchment paper, and turn to 400 degress and walk away.

Here is the link to Danilo, afterall I am no chef.

Best bacon Ever.



Best tasting bacon ever….bacon picture