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I keep promising to do a post about the “normal” stupid things that we have done with our finances over the years.

Afterall, if we are going to inspire others and talk about how we are 100% debt free including mortgage, and cabin…THEN….

We have to be completely transparent and talk about our journey and struggles before we followed the Dave Ramsey plan. Most of these  are  completely normal in our society. Complete normal money practices. Make no mistake these are things that keep you in debt and remember “borrow is slave to the lender” mode and mentality.


  1. Took out a loan against our 401K.
  2. Debt consolidation loan.
  3. Home equity Loan
  4. Hid money stress and spending from my spouse.
  5. For years, I bought to make myself “feel better”even if it was garage saling or on sale.
  6. For years, bought things because I was immature, and justified the purchases to myself saying “I deserve it because I work hard…” (“wah wah” sound effect should be playing). Or a temper tantrum.
  7. Buried my head in the sand, and didn’t look and add up how much money we owed.
  8. Didn’t do a monthly budget.
  9. Interest only loan with a balloon payment due at end of 10 years.
  10. Not following the wisdom of the bible on how to manage your money.

WE have all done stupid with money, what is your worst?


Don’t fool yourself into believing there is “good debt” – there is no such thing… if you don’t believe me read his book.

A great place to start is with Dave Ramsey’s book the Total Money Makeover. It spells out the 10 Babysteps to get out of debt. The plan that we followed. What are you waiting for? Click here to get the Total Money Makeover. .

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Time to get control of your money, and get out of debt,  What are you waiting for?