Why get outa debtimagesIf you are reading this you are probably wondering about working to get out of debt and if all of the sacrifice is worth it. I can tell you after working hard to get out of debt we are learning just how wonderful it can be not to have to worry from event to event in our lives if we are going to have enough money to get by. People who know me and are reading this probably are shocked that I am saying this.  We have never been whiners or complainers when it came to our money struggles.  We, like others just put on our happy face, and me my big girl panties and muddled through. This worked great–Until we hit a point in our lives where we were on the edge and close to not making it!

That reality is what jerked us really hard and made us each promise that we would get out of debt and never ever borrow another dime again. Please take the time to read through the posts that share our journey.

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debt free part 1debt free Part 2Debt Free Part 3debt free journey part 4



We actually went through it twice. Sometimes it takes two hard hits on the thick skull to get the information through. But the second time was a charm.


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