I started blogging as a hobby, and outlet for my home projects.
It was an outlet, a way to focus on the home and the things I love about being a wife, mother and homemaker. (yes, you can be a homemaker if you work!) It is just not your professional job. As I settle into my 3rd year with this blog, I realize that the being a mom who works outside the home, as well as works at home- doesn’t have to be two separate personas. In fact, I  cannot separate the two.  The projects I pick, and things I enjoy are geared, lead and influenced by my very busy corporate work environment. One definately impacts the other, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively.
I don’t believe you can have it all.
You do the best you can, with what you have at the time. I believe you are who you are and you do what you do or need to do to survive.  Sometimes my home life suffers with work stress and responsibility and sometimes my work suffers with home responsibilities and stress. It is a roller coaster and not easy to juggle. For some working is a choice for othersthey may not have a choice. Either way, it can work and work well for you.

So I added a page for information, projects and a space for moms that are working and want to share.


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