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I have so much fun with decorating, doing pinterest projects, home focused stuff that I forget to post about myself. I decided to start going a “deep thoughts” post every so often so you know there is a person behind this blog.

You never know how strong you are…until it is the only option you have.

I believe that is one of the truest statements of life. I have been through some amazingly trying times in my life. One thing that I know for sure is that I just kept moving through them.

The bible calls it diligence. I love that word.


There have been those times in my life when I have just wanted to just stop.  Just to say “uncle”.  I didn’t–and I don’t.  I just kept moving through it. Getting up and moving through it.  Listing hardships,  that I have been through will sort of be mute. They are the similar things in life that everyone is faced with (heartache, betrayal, loss…). That is life.


Things that I know:

  • I am a very sensitive person.
  • I am human, not perfect.
  • God is absolutely crazy about me.
  • I am simple.
  • I work hard.
  • I am stubborn like my dad. It has served me well.
  • I believe in the life that I have built. I believe in working hard for the people I love.
  • I married a better person than I could ever be, and have known that since the day I married him.
  • I believe in my children. Someone said to me once. You think your children are perfect. ( No- I just don’t spend time repeating their mistakes, trials or tribulations to just anyone, as they already have to live with their choices, they don’t need my gossip or the gossip of others to expand their mistakes).
  • I hold the expectation bar high for my children. When they fall, it is not as far…I live and hold the same expectations for myself.
  • I am a parent first, maybe someday I will  be blessed enough to be my children’s best friend, if they so choose. But, I love them enough to be their mom first, and “popular” second.
  • I am fiercely strong. (I mean mentally, though crossfit is helping I am not that physically strong yet).
  • I am proud of my mental strength. It has been a blessing to me and others.
  • I am learning to have boundaries.
  • I am no longer accepting poor treatment from (family or otherwise). (Even if this means having fewer people in my life).

I am glad that life has made me show how strong I am.